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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Aunt Audrey's Wedding

As some of you may know, I possess a trunk owned by my great-grandparents, Emily and Gustave Wassweiler. Amongst the items in the trunk was a box.
Now I realize that this box likely belonged to my Aunt Audrey.  Audrey Emily Tully. I will send these items to my cousins, as they truly belong to them - but for now I am selfishly gleaning all the genealogical facts that I can.

The announcement:

 Next on the agenda is a shower, right?  Who is invited to a shower?  Friends and family that's who!  Let's take a look at the guests in attendance.  Only live people will attend ☺so we know which of our relatives are living at that time:

  Notice the bunches of envelopes in the top box.  Looks like wedding invitation response cards, doesn't it? BINGO! and SCORE!

You wonder why I say "score"??  As a genealogist I think like a detective.  From these cards I can discover: - the guests that will attend.  Helps 1. if/when a photo is found to identify those in the photo
                                                     2. who is alive at that time
                                                     3. where the attendee mailed their card and likely associated residence                                                          4. handwriting of the sender which may be matched up with other  writings that I may possess.
So... I've compiled a table of these facts which may help others:

For those interested I've scanned the cards of relatives which you will find below.  I find it interesting to see their handwriting:

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