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This blog is an attempt to find my roots...and perhaps yours! 

I'm one of those folk that have a strong link to the past...especially when it involves family.  I have a yearning to discover those that came before me:  what they were like, how they lived their lives... I have already found some relatives that I didn't know I lost! Hi Katey, Hi Mike, Hi Brian!!  Their contributions are priceless to me and I thank you all so very much!  Finding my relatives is like a treasure hunt!  Finding my ancestors is like a puzzle - and I love puzzles!

Please feel free to leave any and all comments, hints, thoughts, etc. an YES - you have permission to use this information - just please, if you find out more, let me know!  Use this as our cellar for storage because every family tree produces some lemons, some nuts and even a few bad apples!!

Again, WELCOME! Céad míle fáilte! Valkommen!  Wilkommen! Vitej! Bienvenu!