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Okay...another female from a long line.  I also feel an affinity to Johanna.  Because she is from Long Island and I live in Long Island?  Maybe - but she speaks to me and before a few days I ago I did not kmow that I descended from her.

For some reason I believe her to be beautiful and regal. Her father Samson, was born in Oyster Bay, Long Island while his father, Christopher, came from  England.  Johanna married  Daniel Birdsall and somehow relocated to Westchester County, New York,  I'll write more when I know more.

So, here I am on June 30, 2012 with absolutely no time to spare thinking about Johanna.  According to my calculations: Im in Riverhead, NY. I've traveled 22,492 mi to 17 locations in 2012.  This is absolutely the most exhausting year of my life!  Between looking at and deciding on Medical School for Sarah and undergrad for Rachel...I'm exhausted. I am thinking aboout Johanna, my 8th great grandmother.  Here we go love:

Johanna Hawxhurst Birdsall: born 1702 in Oyster Bay, New York to Samson Hawxhurst and Hannah Townsend.  Currently, Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York is a beautiful, affluent area in which my daughter, Rachel, has competed with her High Scool Crew team.  This picture, circa 1910 is the road along the cove:

Johanna married Daniel Birdsall somewhere about 1727.  Sources differ in this date.  They were Quakers and likely members of the Quaker Meeting House, Piping Rock Road, Locust Valley, This house of worship for the Matinecock Monthly Meeting of the Society of Friends was built in 1725 and was rebuilt following a fire in 1986. Matinecock Monthly Meeting, organized in the 1660s, is the oldest continuous meeting of the Society of Friends in the United States. -Photo provided by Long Island Studies Institute, Nassau County Museum Collection, Hofstra University Special Collections:

I know that at some point they were members of the Westbury Monthly Meeting. They are listed in the Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Volume III (New York Monthly Meetings)

text from sources:

Her father's Will: Page 421.--In the name of God, Amen. I, SAMPSON HAWXHURST, of Oyster Bay, in Queens County, yeoman, being sick in body. My wife Susannah is to have the use of houses, orchards, and 100 acres of land adjoining the same, "as it may be convenient for her, lyeing between Feeks lane and the highway that leads through Buckram, and to extend east to the brook near William Carpenter's," And 1/2 of all my meadow "and 6 cows, as she shall chuse," two of my best horses, sheep, hogs and movable goods; after my daughter Amy has had as much out of it as to be equal with my daughter Johanah, she is to have these during her life, for her support, and to enable her to bring up her children. My executors may sell the rest of live stock, and all my lands lying north of the lane called Feeks lane. I leave to my five sons, William, Sampson, Joseph, Benjamin and Daniel, all the rest of my lands and meadows. I only order that my two youngest sons, Benjamin and Daniel, shall have that 100 acres of land which I have given my wife the use of; and they are to have as much more as will make their part of equal value with the rest. If my daughter Amy shall not be married before her mother's death, she shall have the use of my new house chamber until she be married. And my sons, William and Sampson, shall pay to their sister Johanah, wife of Daniel Burdsell, 30 shillings. And my younger sons, Joseph, Benjamin, and Daniel, shall pay to her three children, Sarah, Hannah, and Mary Burdsell, €1, 10s. to buy each of them a Bible. My wife Susannah, my cousins Zacheus Dickerson, Sampson Crooker and Jarvis Mudge, and my brother, Micajah Townsend, shall be executors.

On page 253 the date of marriage of Johannah Hawxhurst and Daniel Birdsall is given as January 23, 1726/7. That is the date their intention to marry was published. They were married March 29, 1727. (Friends' Records, Westbury, Long Island.)"
source: The Macdonough-Hackstaff ancestry,By Rodney Macdonough,1901,pg.470

This branch of the family is mainly from Long Island, many of them Quakers. It is a group of very independent people, a strange mixture of rebels and reactionaries. There is considerable intermarrying between the different families of this line. So many references will be to articles that have been published in Long Island Families, a collection of articles published in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, that I shall just refer to them by the surname of the author and LIF.  Similarly, Quakers listed in the Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, will have as reference EAQ.
Hawxhurst Family
1. CHRISTOPHER1 HAWXHURST was born in Nuneaton, Warwick. England at an unknown time, probably about 1620, and died after 1683 in Oyster Bay, Long Island. He married about 1655, MARY RUDDOCK, who was born in Providence, Rhode Island about 1638, and died in Oyster Bay after 1678, daughter of Henry and Mabel (Burroughs) Ruddock. (The date of his birth is approximated by me from the date of his marriage). He was the second son of Samson Hawxhurst who was the Vicar of Nuneaton in 1626. Samson was the son of another Christopher, also a Vicar, of St. Chad, Shrewsbury, Shropshire who had been appointed to this position on the accession of Queen Elizabeth.
Not being the eldest son, our Christopher did not enter the ministry, but instead struck out for America, arriving sometime before 1643. At that time he was named as one of a commission to pick up escaped prisoners, Gortonites, at Shawomet, .now Warwick, Rhode Island. (See about Gorton under Porter Family.) He was the brother of Mary Hawxhurst, the second wife of Robert Cole - with whom he traveled to America. He must have been impressed by Gorton's friends for by 1655 he had joined the group at Warwick who were living with Gorton after his return from prison. That year he was made freeman, elected deputy to the Rhode Island General Court, and also married. Christopher and Mary stayed in Warwick for ten years, then moved with Richard Townsend (NOTE the name Townsend) to Oyster Bay on Long Island; where he bought lot number 60, seventy acres at Matinecock. (Miller, LIF, 1:478-9)
Children of Christopher and Mary:
i. WILLIAM2 HAWXHURST, b. Warwick, RI ca. 1657; children: Sarah and William.
ii. MARY HAWKHURST, b Warwick. ca. 1660; m. 17 Nov. 1684, GEORGE3 TOWNSEND.
iii. JANE HAWXHURST, b. Warwick ca 1663; m. JARVIS MUDGE, children: Jarvis, Elizabeth, Mary, Jane, and Charity.
iv. SARAH HAWXHURST, b. Oyster Bay ca. 1667; m. WILLIAM CROOKER, children: Robert, William, Samson, Sarah, Benjamin, and Abigail.
2   v. SAMSON, b. Oyster Bay ca. 1670.
2. SAMSON2 (Christopher1) HAWXHIURST, was born in Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York about 1670; and died there 25 January, 1733, aged sixty-two according to his tombstone. He married there 18 January 1698, HANNAH4 TOWNSEND,  born about 1680 and died about 1757, daughter of Mill John and Johanna (Forman) Townsend (remember above I mentioned to note the name Townsend - Samson's Dad traveled with Richard Townsend from Rhode Island - now here I also note the name Johanna: the subject of my post - and for whom our subject is named). He was a member of the Oyster Bay Militia. Hannah was given 180 acres at Cedar Swamp by her father as a wedding present. (Miller, LIF, 1:480) His will was dated 23 October 1732, and probated at New York 21  November of that year.
Children of Samson and Hannah, born Oyster Bay:
i. JOANNA3 HAWXHURST, b. ca. 1700, d. 14 April 1758; m. 29 Jan.1727 DANIEL BIRDSALL, children: Sarah, Mary, Amy, and Daniel.
ii. SARAH HAWXHURST, b. 28 March 1702; d. 11 April 1728.
iii. WILLIAM HAWXHURST, b. 1703-4; d. 26 Oct. 1790; m. (bond) 5 April 1736 ANNE PRATT. He moved to New York City, where he had business interests about 1753. One interest was in the Sterling Iron Works, which constructed the Iron Chain across the Hudson, just below West Point, during the Revolution. He was buried in Oyster Bay, children: Hannah, Sarah, Ann, and Amy.

JOHN (3) TOWNSEND, our Johanna Hawxhurst's maternal grandfather: (Henry, Robert), b. ?Jamaica, L. I., 1656; d. Oyster Bay between 9.3 mo. (May) 1705, and 25/9 mo. (Nov.) 1706; m. 1st, Johanna, patronymic unknown, d. 6/8 mo. (Oct.) 1680; m. 2d, Esther or Hester Smith, d. after 1749; dau. of Abraham Smith, of Hempstead, L. I. This is "John Townsend of the Mill" at Oyster Bay, a man of much importance in the Town affairs and its surveyor for nearly twenty years. Esther was a widow for over forty years, meanwhile managing the business with diverse results and some sentimental detail, as shown in the Townsend Memorial. She was a Friend, and marrying John, not a member, was visited by a Committee, endeavoring "to wing her to a sense of her condition," and to acknowledge her disorderly conduct, but she remaining impenitent and "charging it upon ye Lord" was duly disowned.
Issue, by 1st marriage:
I Hannah, b. ?1680; d. 11/6 mo. (June) 1757, aged 77; m. Samson Hawxhurst, b. 7/11 mo. (Jan.) 1670; d. 9/9 mo. (Nov.) 1732; son of Christopher and Mary (Reddough or Reddocke) Hawxhurst. Issue by 2d marriage, order uncertain:
II Hetty (?Hester), b. ;m. Nathaniel Harcurt, Non of Benjamin and
Hannah (?Dickinson) Harcurt.
source: History and Genealogy of the Cock, Cocks, Cox Family:
Descended from James and Sarah Cock, of Killingworth Upon Matinecock, in the Township of Oyster Bay, Long Island, N.Y. pages 370 - 374

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