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From the Scandinavian peninsula, my great-grandmother, Selma, emigrated to the United States. I would love to have seen a photo of her as Swedes are renowned for their great beauty.  I can only imagine how Selma looked because she died well before I was born.  Using her son, Thomas Charles Tully, as a gauge, she would have had beautiful blue eyes and a calm demeanor. (Updated on 17 Dec 2011 to add: I now have a photo of Selma posted below)  Imagine as I may, that is not why I write this.  I am trying to find Selma's (and mine) descendants.  I have had much help from Iris Andersson ( no relation that we know of) in Sweden - so here goes:

Selma Mathilda Andersson was born in Sodertalje, Stockholm County, Sweden.
Selma was born to Carl Gustaf Andersson and Carolina Mathilda Andersson on 17 Feb 1875.  Selma had at least three brothers and one sister:
Tragedy struck in 1876:  when Selma was only 20 months old her mother died:

Iris Andersson I found Carolina Matilda dead. Scb Stockholms län: 544 dödnotis nr 54 18 okt 1876 32 år 11 mån 18 dgr Drunknad i Mälaren efter fall från trappa Intyg av Stadsfiskalen 18 okt 1876,
Translated: SCB Stockholm County: 544 dödnotis No. 54 October 18, 1876 32 years 11 months 18 days Drowned in the lake after falling from stairs Certificate of Superintendent 18 October 1876;"
Carl Gustaf had several young children to care for.  How did he manage?  Apparently not very well. We next find Selma in 1890... alone... at age 15:  

o    This is 1890 CD, Sveriges befolkning
Post 290362

Andersson, Selma Matilda
f. 1875 i Södertälje stadsförs (Stockholms län, Södermanland)
Ogift kvinna, ensam i familjen
Gården N:o 204
Södertälje stadsförs (Stockholms län, Södermanland)
Födelseort i källan: Södertelge Stads.
Translated:  This Is 1890 CD, the Swedish population
post 290 362

Andersson, Selma Matilda
born in 1875 in Södertälje city out (Stockholm, SWE)
Unmarried women, alone in the family
The farm N: o 204
Södertälje city out (Stockholm, SWE)
Place of birth of the source: Södertelge City.

 Somehow, Selma managed to emigrate to the United States:
I believe this to be the manifest of the ship she sailed to the United States; The Cymric.  While the image is obviously smeared, see line 14: I am only guesing that Selma emigrated with Hilda Palmquist (the person on line 13) because they were both young single, female servants whose destination is New York.
Passenger and Crew Lists of Vessels Arriving at New York, New York, 1897-1957; (National Archives Microfilm Publication T715, 8892 rolls); Records of the Immigration and Naturalization Service; National Archives, Washington, D.C.  Year:  1899; Microfilm Serial:  15; Microfilm Roll:  T715_73; Line:  14; Page Number:  70.

This is the Cymric, part of the White Star line. Launched in October 1897. Maiden voyage: Liverpool-New York, April 29, 1898. Torpedoed and sunk 140 miles from Foreland, May 8, 1916, with the loss of five lives.
Publication Number: M1676 Publication Title: Alphabetical Index to Petitions for Naturalization of the US District Court [and Circuit Court] for the Southern District of New York, 1824-1941 Publisher: NARA State: New York Naturalization Year: [BLANK] Immigrant Surname: Andersson Immigrant Given Name: Selza M. Court: [BLANK] Birth Year: [BLANK] Age: [BLANK] Nationality: [BLANK] Arrival Year: [BLANK] Witness 1 Full Name: [BLANK]

  Selma married Charles Agustis Tully on 08 Oct 1903.  Selma and Charles had their first child, Thomas Charles Tully, on 24 Aug 1904.  Thomas is my "Poppy" - my much beloved and gentle grandfather!

Selma and Charles had several more children:

  • Ruth Agnes Tully 1906 – 1964

  • My poor Poppy (Thomas) ... believe it or not he is top and center! Sister Ruth on the left, Mabel on the right. This photo must be about 1912ish. (I think the description is reversed - I think Ruth is on the right and Mabel on the left - but the writing on the back of the photo says the opposite)

    Selma and Charles lived on Hudson Ave. in Fishkill Landing in 1910.  Fishkill Landing was a part of what is now the City of Beacon, New York

    This is the Tully home in 1913 - 1914.  Apparently at that time ther was travelling photographers that went door to door and asked if you'd like a photo. 

    This is hard to see but Selma is on the proch all the way to the left, Thomas is sitting in a chair, holding John.  Charles A. is to the right.  Standing in front of the gate l to r: Mabel, Charles and Ruth.

    Rear: Selma holding John and Charles
    front: Thomas, Charles, Ruth, Mabel

     Selma and Charles led a seemingly happy life.  Charles was a fireman in a Rubber factory - likely the New York Rubber Co. (the actor Robert Montgomery's father owned this company). They owned their home (mortgage to the bank) on 37 Hudson Ave and at the time all five children had been born:

    In 1915 Fishkill Landing had formally merged with "Matteawan" and became the City of Beacon, New York.  In 1915 Beacon did a census count of its own.  Amongst its residents were Selma, Charles and family (along with Charles' brother, Thomas):

    Hudson Ave. 37  Tully, Charles       Head      W  M  36  U.S.            CIT.  Fireman in Factory        
    Hudson Ave. 37  Tully, Selina         Wife      W  F   40  Sweden  16  CIT.  Housework           X
    Hudson Ave. 37  Tully, Thomas       Son         W  M  10  U.S.            CIT.  School                 X
    Hudson Ave. 37  Tully, Ruth           Dau         W  F   9    U.S.            CIT.  School                 X
    Hudson Ave. 37  Tully, Mabel         Dau         W  F   7    U.S.            CIT.  School                 X
    Hudson Ave. 37  Tully, Charles       Son         W  M  5    U.S.            CIT.  No Occuaption     X
    Hudson Ave. 37  Tully, John           Son         W  M  3    U.S.            CIT.  No Occupation     X
    Hudson Ave. 37  Tully, Thomas       Brother  W  M  30  U.S.            CIT.  Boatman               W

    In 1920 Charles and Selma have added another son, George, to the family.

    1927: Selma and Thomas

    Charles and Selma with unknown people

    A decade later Selma, Charles and all six children are still at 37 Hudson Ave. in Beacon.

    Charles, Selma and George in 1932
    In this 1932 photo I don't know who Rudy is...perhaps a nickname for Ruth??

    1935 Charles & Selma

    I am searching for, but have not found, a record of Selma's death.  My mother told me that Selma drowned in Fishkill Creek sometime in 1941.  I'd like to find this information but have not been able to.  Her death certificate lists her cause of death as cerebral apoplexy (a stroke).  She died 3 days later in Highland Hospital.  Here I am posting 2 versions of the "Verified Transcript from the Register of Deaths" from the City of Beacon, New York.  I post the first one from my second cousin, Mike Mindham, then that which I received.  There are slight differences - but from them both we gather the facts: Selma died of a stroke.  The drowning story?  I leave it on this page because it was told to me and my experience tells me to never disregard a story that I've heard.  Perhaps someday there will be some sort of corroboration.  That said, take a look at the transcripts:



    You may note that this record lists Selma's parents as Frederik and Emma.  I do not know who gave this information to the Medical Examiner, but please recall that Selma's mother died when Selma was an infant - I am unsure what happened to her father, however Selma likely did not remeber her Mother, nor her father as we know she was alone at age 15.  Her brother is Carl Frederik and her sister is Emma.  I believe that these are the Frederik and Emma referenced on this transcript.                                                                            

     To end her story; Selma's tragic death caused her family much sadness.  Distraught, Charles sat on the curb in front of 37 Hudson Ave. and shot himself in the head.

    Selma's final resting place is with Charles and their daughter, Mabel, at Ferncliff Mausoleum in Hartsdale, Westchester County, New York.

     M-01, Alcove E, Crypt 2
    Selma M. Tully was cremated at the Ferncliff Crematory on May 26, 1941 and her cremated remains were interred in the crypt on August 3, 1942.  Charles A. Tully was interred in the crypt July 27, 1942. The crypt was purchased by their daughter, Mabel E. Tully. She was cremated elsewhere and her cremated remains were interred in the crypt on January 21, 1993.

  • Mabel Elizabeth Tully 1908 – 1993
  • Charles Frederick Tully 1910 – 1983
  • John Francis Tully 1912 – 1987
  • George Washington Tully 1918 – 1993
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