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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday Stories…

Tonight I ask you to ponder a  possibility:

My twice great grandfather, John Tully, was he or was he not the John Tully that was “blown through a wall”?

First, a little bit about Grandpa Johnnie: Born in Ireland about 1857, John came to the United States at about age 12.  From where, where to?? I sure haven’t been able to find out!

I find John at age 17 in 1875 living in Fishkill Township with his brother, Frank Tully and Frank’s wife Annie.  

 I next find John in 1880 still in the Town of Fishkill, but narrowed down to Fishkill Landing (the part of Beacon closest to the river).  Apparently John is married and has an 11 month old baby (my great grandfather Charles Augustus) but no wife.  Why? Where is she and why isn’t she caring for this baby?

Then in 1892 he is with his wife, Mary and more kids…and John Riley.

1895 has him having been “laid up” after a long siege.

In 1900 he is widowed and back living next door to his brother Frank on Newburgh Ave. in Fishkill Landing.  When did Mary die??  Where is Thomas?  Thomas is only 15!

These are the known facts about John… now consider this:

May 1893, John would have been about 36 years old with a wife and 3 children of his own.  We know he is a “Laborer.” Read this:

Is this Grandpa Johnnie??  That would have been one hell of a commute for the 1890s!  BUT… my brothers and I recently cleaned out my father’s garage after my Dad died.  He had lots of things from not only his house, but his father’s (my grandfather, Thomas Tully – who was the son of Charles Augustus, and grandson of our subject). 

There was so much junk that we kept some old wooden boxes to transport this stuff and to use in our own homes.  It didn’t occur to me that these boxes had a common theme:

So, where did these come from? What do you think???

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