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Friday, March 8, 2013

Pavlovic, in triplicate

Posed on a sunny August afternoon in 1943 are Gary, Francis and Charlene. I can't say where the photo was taken, but based on what Francis (my grandfather) is wearing, it appears this may be upon his return home from work.  In 1943 Poppy he was route salesman.

Gary is just over three years old with obvious glee in his eyes.  Poppy is 25 years old; I can't read the look on his face ... sun in his eyes? pissed that's he's having his picture taken?  Charlene (my Mom) is a babe at about 9 months old - obviously not walking as the bottom of her shoes are clean.

In 1943 the Pavlovic's lived at 24 Lutheran St. in Newburgh NY. That dwelling is a big, brick multi-family unit - so I don't believe that they're at home.

In 1940 they lived with Frank's in-laws, Charles and Sadie Gifford at 10 North St. in Beacon, New York.  Perhaps this is where the photo was taken.

I'm guessing the following photo to have been taken in early 1944.  This is Frank's wife, Charlotte (Gifford) holding Gary and Charlene.  This was mounted in a sort of cardboard folder.  It makes me wonder if this style was perhaps taken and given to servicemen before they left for service.  Frank served in World War II in the Navy. He was received on board the USS Converse on August 22 1944 - there must have been some sort of training, etc.

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